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Browe Concrete uses volumetric concrete mixer trucks to produce concrete made onsite. Our concrete mixer trucks are mobile concrete plants on wheels.

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What is a volumetric concrete mixer?

With volumetric technology all materials including sand, stone, cement powder and water are continually blended on demand, on site. This means that the mixer can be started and stopped quickly, therefore producing only the exact quantities needed.

Why use volumetric concrete?

Volumetric concrete mixers offer more advantages for customers than drum mixers including:

  • High Quality Concrete

    • All onsite concrete is made fresh, therefore eliminating the chance of a hot load.
  • No Waste

    • We pour the precise amount concrete within a quarter of a yard, which in turn eliminates overages, shortages, and small load fees.
  • Change mix designs as needed

    • We can make onsite changes as the project dictates, including onsite changes to slump.
  • Eco Friendly

    • Produces a high-quality material that does not lose its strength due to breaking bonds from a conventional style rotating drum.
    • No leftover product
  • Complete the project on your schedule.

    • Less Crew Downtime- Crew downtime is costly for any business. The on-demand nature of our mixers all but eliminates this issue.

What kind of projects are volumetric mixers used for?

Volumetric mixers are used on a variety of construction projects including:

  • Utility work
  • Road, street, and sidewalk repairs.
  • Residential Projects including driveways, patios, slabs.
  • Projects using fast setting concrete.

Are there any certifications or specifications to ensure quality volumetric concrete?

Yes. Browe Concrete plant operators are both Concrete Field Technician and Batching Technician certified by NCDOT.

The quality of our volumetric mixers is governed by ASTM C94, ASTM C685 and AASHTO M241.

All mix designs have been tested for accuracy of slump, air content, temperature, and PSI. Testing reports can be provided upon request.

What kind of concrete do you provide?

Browe Concrete has multiple mix designs on hand that are used daily. All mix designs can be provided to the customer for review or submittal purposes.

Need a special mix design made? No problem, request a quote and we can work with you to make the product you need.

How does Browe Concrete differ from other local concrete service companies?

With over 30 years of experience in the concrete industry, we are focused on delivering top quality service from the beginning of your project until the very end. No matter how big or small your upcoming construction project is, Browe Concrete can work with you to meet your needs.

What forms of payment do you accept?

– We accept all major credit cards. A 3% fee will be added on for all credit card purchases.
– Cash Payment
– No personal checks will be accepted.

Request an Estimate

Request an Estimate

You can get a project estimate in 1-2 business days by telling us a little bit about your project and its specific requirements.

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